A Conversation with Lowell Skoog

Today, we’ll get to know Seattle-based author, climber, skier, and historian, Lowell Skoog. Lowell is a fixture in the Northwest outdoor scene, and has been exploring mountains in the Pacific Northwest for 60 years. In this conversation, we’ll talk about Lowell’s early years of exploration in the Cascades, some of the folks who’ve inspired him over the years, as well as his recent book, Written in The Snows.

Lowell is an encyclopedia of information when it comes to the Northwest and Cascade Mountains, and you’ll be hearing from him more this season. But for now, enjoy this conversation with Lowell Skoog.

Written and produced by Evan Phillips

Music by Evan Phillips

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Check out Lowell’s book Written in the Snows: Across Time on Skis in the Pacific Northwest

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