Training for the mountains has come a long way – even from when I started out in the early 90’s.  Back then, the mantra was that actual climbing was the best training for climbing. While this is still true in a lot of ways – thinking has progressed – and a lot of that has to do with the emergence of 

Founded by Scott Johnston and Steve House, Uphill Athlete has become a name synonymous with all things mountain sports, from trail running, mountaineering – to skimo racing.

In 2014 – the duo published Training For The New Alpinism – a manual to help alpinists translate training theory into practice to achieve any mountaineering goal.  Building on the success of that book, the team expanded their horizons, and earlier this year, along with world-renowned mountain athlete Kilian Jornet, they published “Training For the Uphill Athlete: A manual for mountain runners and ski mountaineers.” 

I recently got a chance to speak with both Scott Johnston and Steve House, to talk about their respective careers in the mountains, how the two forged an enduring friendship and partnership through training, and what it means to share their knowledge with the mountain community.

My first conversation was with Scott, and like a lot of my interviews, we started out by discussing Scott’s inspirations as a kid, and how that led to a life immersed in the mountains, fitness and training.


Uphill Athlete

Scott Johnston

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