On today’s episode of The Firn Line, we’ll get to know climber, skier, high-school teacher and coach, Eddie Taylor.

Eddie grew up in different parts of the country.  As a youth, he spent time in New Mexico, where he first learned how to ski.  It was these formative experiences, alongside trips to National Parks, that instilled a deep reverence and love for the outdoors.

During his high school years, Eddie moved out to Minnesota with his mom and sister, where he excelled in sports – playing basketball, soccer and track and field.  But he also had an aptitude for academics, and by the time he graduated, he decided to move out west to Boulder, Colorado, to attend Colorado State University.

Eddie focused on his education, majoring in both Mathematics and Chemistry.  But the allure of athletics pulled at him, and with the encouragement of some friends, he walked on to the track and field team.  It didn’t take long for Eddie to impress the coaches with his all-around abilities, and before long, he’d earned a scholarship.

By the time Eddie graduated from college, he had a lot to be proud of.  He’d accomplished a lot.  But like a lot of people in their twenties, Eddie ended up at various crossroads, pulling him in various directions.  Although his love for athletics was still there, some of the pull and excitement had waned, and various injuries forced him to dial things back.  But sometimes adversity brings opportunity.

Boulder, Colorado is a mecca for North American climbing, with classic arenas like Eldorado Canyon, Rifle, and Longs Peak just a stone’s throw away.  It didn’t take long for Eddie to get into the business, and before long, he was hooked.