Learning To Fly: Pryce Brown



On today’s episode of The Firn Line, we’ll get to know exploratory wingsuit jumper, Pryce Brown.  

Growing up in the coastal town of Cordova, Alaska – Pryce was exposed to the vast beauty of Alaska from a young age.  Whether it was fishing, aviation, or later in his teens, backcountry skiing – Pryce was always drawn to the more adventurous side of life.  

But it wasn’t until his college years, in the midst of a tedious engineering degree at the the University of Alaska Fairbanks, that Pryce found Speed flying – an extreme winter sport that involves a combination of paragliding and skiing – that would forever alter the course of his life.

Inspired by this new form of creative expression in the mountains, Pryce, along with a core group of friends, would begin tapping new opportunities in Alaska – and with that, open new realms of what was possible.

I recently sat down with Pryce to talk about his early experiences speed flying in Thompson Pass, a life changing experience base jumping off a bridge in Idaho, as well as his recent bar-setting wingsuit jumps in the mountains of Alaska.  


• Lonely Mountain / Evan Phillips / Silhouettes (2015)
• Hard Times / Evan Phillips / Cabin Vibes (2018)
• Sky Runner / Evan Phillips /  Unreleased (2018)
• Yukon Flats / Evan Phillips /Unreleased (2018)
• The Prey / Evan Phillips /Unreleased (2018)
• Holding On / Evan Phillips / Unreleased (2018)
• Digging Deep / Evan Phillips / Unreleased (2018)


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