Episode 07 // The Power Of Being Human: Luc Mehl


Growing up in the village of McGrath, Luc Mehl was inspired at a young age by the simplicity of rural living, and the vast Alaskan wilderness surrounding him.

As a teenager, Luc moved to Anchorage to attend high school, and it was during this period that he would first experience rock climbing and other outdoor sports.  But at that junction, his passion for academics and learning would take center stage.

After earning his undergraduate degree in geology, Luc attended UC Santa Barbara where he would earn his first master’s degree.  But as much as Luc enjoyed school, he’d always struggled to find balance between the rigid structure of academia, and the more dynamic lifestyle he’d known as a kid. Ultimately, he returned to Alaska in 2003, deeply depressed, and unsure which direction to take.

It was during this period, a time Luc refers to as his “dark year”, that he would literally stumble his way into the mountains, only to come out on the other side with a restored sense of purpose, and a new way of living.


• Space Song / Evan & Molly / Evan & Molly (2012)
• Augusta / Evan Phillips / Unreleased (2017)
• Valley Below / Evan Phillips / Unreleased (2013)
• Driftin’ / Evan Phillips / Unreleased (2014)
• Traversing Rappel / Evan Phillips / Unreleased (2017)
• Guess I Was Just Young / Evan Phillips / Silhouettes (2015)
• Logan McCarthy / Evan Phillips / Unresolved (2017)
• Spacewalker / Evan Phillips / Silhouettes (2017)


Evan Phillips
Luc Mehl