It’s easier to stay alive if you know what’s out there.  Whether it’s understanding local climate patterns, snow conditions, or predators that inhabit certain areas, having even a basic understanding of what lies ahead, can be the difference between having a great day out, and not coming home at all.

And that’s the philosophy behind Emma Walker’s Dead Reckoning, which comes out June 1st on Falcon Guides.  

Dead Reckoning is an honest, gritty, and sometimes gripping collections of close-calls and accidents in the outdoors.  

Emma’s compelling narrative nonfiction covers stories and topics ranging from hiking and mountaineering, to sea kayaking and backcountry skiing, in a style that is accessible to readers of all experience levels.  

At the end of each chapter, she distills lessons learned for staying safe in the outdoors––all with a relatable, sometimes self-deprecating (and occasionally vulnerable) twist.

I recently caught up with Emma to talk about the book, why she wrote it and who it’s for, as well as digging into the creative process of being a writer and creative person.  

All that today, on this episode of The Firn Line.