In this episode of The Firn Line, I check in with author and climber, Chris Kalman.  I first met Chris after reading his excellent book, As Above So Below and since then we’ve stayed in touch, connected through climbing and creativity. 

So I was excited when Chris announced a Kickstarter to help finish up his new novella, Dammed if you don’t.  

Dammed If You Don’t tells the story of a deeply-conflicted photographer who tries to save Lahuenco_—_a remote valley in Patagonian Chile—by showing the world how beautiful it is. But in showing the world how beautiful it is, he inadvertently puts Lahuenco in peril—including a rare and mysterious salamander whose sudden appearance there forces the scientific community to rethink its understanding of evolutionary biology, and possibly human history itself.  

Chris and I recently caught up to talk about the his creative process, some philosophical discussions about the role of conservation in the outdoor community, as well as some fun talk – just about climbing.  So I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Dammed If You Don’t
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The Hoarding Marmot
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