On today’s episode of The Firn line, we’ll get to know Pacific Northwest-based alpinist Mallorie Estenson.  Growing up in the shadows of the North Cascades, Mallorie participated in athletics as a kid, with an inclination toward the more adventurous side of life.  Eventually, this led to an interest in climbing, and for the last three years, she’s been working as a mountain guide. But Mallorie’s interest in climbing goes much deeper than the guiding life.  In fact, it’s not a stretch to call her a straight up “Dirtbag” climber. And in Mallorie’s world – that’s a good thing.

I recently got a chance to talk to Mallorie about her progression as an alpinist, how that led to a recent life-changing experience in the Picket Range, as well as her future professional and personal goals in the mountains. (All photos: Tim Black)


Mallorie Estenson

Steph Abegg

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