On today’s episode of the firn line, we’ll get to know author, biologist and wilderness adventurer, Caroline Van Hemert.

Caroline has an impressive life resume: She’s a mother of two boys, holds a Ph.D in wildlife biology (as well as an m.a. In creative writing), and, she just published her first book titled, The Sun Is A Compass.  The book, which recently released to critical acclaim, chronicles she and her husband’s 4,000 mile, human-powered expedition from the pacific northwest rainforest, all the way to the Arctic Coast of Alaska.

I recently got a chance to talk with Caroline about this journey; about the literal, ups and downs, the life-lessons she learned along the way, as well as her process of writing about it.

Written, produced with original music by Evan Phillips


The Sun Is A Compass

Caroline Van Hemert

Evan Phillips

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