The Search: Graham Zimmerman

From a young age, Graham Zimmerman was inspired by the rugged peaks of the New Zealand alps, and later, the cascades of Washington and the pacific northwest.

During high school, Graham developed a keen interest in geology and it was then that he would experience his first involvement with mountaineering.  But it wasn’t until he returned to New Zealand for University that climbing became the driving force in his life.  

Since that time, Zimmerman has honed his craft, and over the last decade he’s pioneered a myriad of exploratory routes in Alaska, Patagonia, and most recently, The Karakoram.  But for Graham, it’s not just about climbing.  Rather, it’s about living an all-encompassing lifestyle that combines exploration, creativity and challenging alpinism.  Getting to the top is one thing, but how you get there is everything.

Check out Graham’s website for more stories and adventures.

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Recorded and Produced by Evan Phillips // All music by Evan Phillips (Except "Stay" Written by Tim Easton. Recorded by Easton Stagger Phillips)